Direct Marketing
through E-Mail, SMS and WhatsApp

Direct marketing is a category of marketing that involves reaching out directly to individual consumers or businesses with promotional messages. SMS (Short Message Service), WhatsApp, and email marketing are all examples of direct marketing channels. These channels allow businesses to communicate directly with their target audience, often in a personalized manner, to promote products, services, or convey important information. Direct marketing is a way to establish a one-on-one connection with potential customers and is commonly used in various industries for customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.


Knowledge of your audience

What platforms they use, when they go on them and why, what content they like, who else they’re following, and more.

Brand identity

What is the message you want to convey to your audience? How do you want them to feel when viewing your content?

Content strategy

While there is a level of spontaneity on social, you’ll need a structured content strategy to be able to have a consistent voice and produce quality content regularly.


Quantifiable insights will inform your strategy, including who you’re reaching, the right content to share, the best times to post, and more.

Regular activity

Social media is a real-time platform. If you want to use it to grow your business, you need to post regularly.

Inbound approach

Don’t use social media to pitch your business. Focus on adding value through useful and interesting content and building up those around you.